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Researching and Analyzing Classical-era Film Distribution as a National System: Findings and Methodological Challenges

The Sense of Space of Successful Cinemas in four Postwar European Cities

Screening Childhood: UK Cinema Clubs, Consumption, Morality, and the Problem of Childhood, 1920-1940

The Alumni Club Network: Non-theatrical Distribution and the University Sales Film

Material Sound in Action Film Marketing: The Inception Sound, A Case Study

From the Orient With Fury: The independent distribution of popular European film in 1960s British cinemas

Moviegoing in the Digital Age: Netflix and the Topography of Film Consumption

Pictures at an Exposition: Advertising Canada through Non-Theatrical Exhibition in the Early Twentieth Century

From the Lab to the Classroom: Behavioral Psychology, Animal Testing, and the Educational Film

“First-Runs Go Suburban!”: Postwar Film Distribution and the Death of Downtown Detroit

The Early Years of Film Distribution in Brazil and the Arrival of the Hollywood Studios

Developing cultural topographies of film screening

Interwar Film Distribution and The Lincoln Motion Picture Company

“Unseen and Unsung”: Motion Picture Distribution and the U.S. Congress (1928-1940)

Taking the “Gay” Show on the Road: LGBTQ Film Festivals and Networks of Distribution

A New “Only In Theaters”: Situating Cinematic Events In Time

Coming Soon, Thinking Back: Cineplex Entertainment and Exhibition Practice in Transition

Foreign Orientation and Cultural Nearness: The Distribution of Film Popularity in Europe in the 1950s

Cinema in Bordeaux (France) city and area from 1912 to 1919

When Circuits Go Local: Examining TIFF’s National Outreach Program Film Circuit

Reconfiguring the national cinema value chain: Methodological dilemmas related to measuring the impact of film festival screenings

Independent Programmers and the DIY Business of Microcinema

“Owned, Controlled, and Operated by Japanese”: Racial Uplift and Japanese Immigrant Film Production, 1912-1930

The Beginnings of Cinema in the Museum: The Cases of the Smithsonian Institution and the Science Museum in London

“Wholesome Propaganda”: The Expansion of the Hollywood Film Market in Post-War Belgium, 1919-1929

Mapping memories: oral histories of cinemagoing in Ghent, Leicester and Bari

Cinema Studies at Scale: Cartographies for Co-existence

Alternative Distribution and the Proletarian Film League of Japan (Prokino), 1929-1934

Searching for Influential Exhibitors in Film History’s Big Data

Cinemas of Occupied Paris, 1940-1944

The Anglo-Boer War and the Popularization of film in Atlantic Canada

Serving the Church Market: Catalogues and the Work of Non-Theatrical Distributors

Shown by Request? Organising the British Ministry of Information’s Mobile Film Shows

“Wanna hang out at the mall and catch a movie?”: The Mall Multiplex & the Marketplace Megaplex

The Intermediality of Event Cinema

Film (&) Culture in the Farthest Paradise: The Circulation of European Silent Film in Australasia

Divergent Strategies: Finding Lionsgate’s Place in Relation to Hollywood’s History

Audiences, Politics, and Cinemas: A Geospatial Analysis of Cinema Density in Flanders and the Netherlands (1950-1970)

The Empire’s Movie Men; Colonial Entrepreneurs and Public Leisure, 1895-1950

Hierarchies of Emotion: Popular Perceptions of British Exhibition Practices in Bolton and Brighton, 1930-1956

Cinema of (At)traction: The Traveling Shows of H. H. Linn

Small Data and Film Exhibition

Cowboys and Gangsters: Hollywood’s global reach and black South African audiences

Penal Press Film Advertising and the Imprisoned Illustrator

Many Items Bear The Name: The King of the Cowboys' intermedial distribution of Stuff

Diasporic Multiplex Cinemas in Los Angeles

Mapping Desmet: Testing a New Cinema History Tool on Film Distribution in the Netherlands and Belgium, 1914-1918

“200 dykes having fun”: Organizing Queer and Women’s Film Festivals on the Canadian Prairies

Circulating Imageries: Picture Postcards of Movie Theaters and the Representation of Rural Modernity in France and The Netherlands

Record, Play, Pause: Theorizing Contributions of Home Recordings of Television (1977-1990) to Circulation Histories of Canadian TV Content

Vertical Integration in Canada: An Analysis of the Mascioli Circuit’s Accounting Books, 1933-1941

Through Cairo and Baghdad to Tehran: Relayed Hollywood Prints and Iranian Cinema’s Industrialization in the 1950s and 1960s

Accounts and Advance Agents: US Itinerant Showmen in the Archive and in the Press

Economic clustering in local cinema markets: Antwerp, Bari, Gothenburg and Rotterdam

Cinemas as community building space: Local refugee moviegoing in Germany

Circuits of Community: Subculture and the Role of the Independent Filmmaker

Women in their place: symbolic value and dynamics of circulation in the women’s film festival network

The Snow Picture: Hot Weather Attractions and Cold Weather Atmospheres

Film distribution in occupied Belgium (1914-1918)

Distribution as Translation

When Distribution Isn’t Distribution: The Case of “End-to-End Facilitators”

The Yucatán: A Case Study in Film Distribution in Mexico during the Revolution

Ecologies of Cinema: film distribution, multilingual cinemas and the problem of placing film

Fandom as Brand Maintenance: Marvel’s Use of Fan-Focused Promotional Campaigns to Connect Film Franchises

Big data and maps: new paths for the analysis of television series

The Program and the Theater Manager: Angry Exhibitors, Pushy Salesmen, Small Theaters, and the Emergence of the Studio System, 1918-1925

It Came from Overseas! 1950s American Science Fiction Cinema in Britain

Non-formal Circulation of Iranian Cinema: Technology, Government and Transnational Copyright Regimes

Scandalous films in the cinemas of West Berlin in the 1950s

Programming the community cinema: Histories of film supply in the Scottish non-theatrical sector

Circuit Breaking: American Anti-Fascist Organizations and the Strangulation of Nazi Film Circulation in North America, 1933-1941

An Isochrone Map of the Intra-continental Distribution of Latin American Popular Cinema

Counter-logistics of circulation in post-independence West Africa

Distribution and Subcultural Communities: The Case Study of Fritz the Cat

Hindi cinema travels to the Middle East: beyond the diaspora market, merchants’ circuits and politics (1954-2015)

ctivism in the Independent Film Community for a Stake in PBS

Companion Content: Digital Distribution, Exhibition and the Elusive Online Audience for Independent Film

Companion Content: Digital Distribution, Exhibition and the Elusive Online Audience for Independent Film

Detroit Exhibitionism: Sex, Shaft, Segregation and Scorsese

Behind and beyond the cameras: establishing the making of genre

The Politics of Distribution in Classical Hollywood

Metros for Metros: MGM Cinemas in Brazil and Egypt and the Mechanics and Meaning of Hollywood’s Global Infrastructure

“Bring some sanity back to the industry”: The 1995 Famous Players lockout in Alberta against unionized film projectionists

Planted Movies: Site-Embedded Film Distribution

Itineraries of Film: South India Pictures, Ltd

Circuits of French moving pictures in 1930s New York

Local regards, global practices: a case study of audiovisual reception in a Xavante village

Film Festival Circuits: Studying the Hubs in the Festival Network

A-Hunting We Will Go: Harry Allen’s Travels as a Travel Film Lecturer (1920-1929)

Excavating the Brick and Mortar: Reinvestigating The Art House in the Digital Age

The hyper disciplined culture of MoMA Film

Cine Vaz Lobo: cinema, audiences and nostalgia in the face of Rio de Janeiro urban transformations

“Get Wise, Organize!”: Mobilizing Audiences and Pro-Labor Distribution Networks in Depression-Era America

Crossing Borders: the transnational circulation of Jack Johnson fight films, 1908-1915

Transformations in the cinema cityscape: cinema locations in Antwerp, Bari, Rotterdam, Gothenburg

Queers in Contest: The Cultural Politics of Palestine in LGBT/Queer Film Festival Organizing

Release Groups & The Scene: Competition in the Realms of Unauthorized Distribution

Film Popularity and Distribution: Comparing Australia and the USA as markets for American movies

The Changing Art-House Screen: Diverse Programming in the Digital Age

Geographies of Cinema: Development of the City of Hyderabad Around Cinema During the Nizam Period

The Children's film foundation: losing the audience

Moviegoing Practices in Adana in the 1940s

Memorabilia, Missing Genes and the DNA of Film Culture

“A Favorable Field by American Distributors”: Hollywood’s strategies for maintaining its hegemonic position in Belgium after the introduction of sound, 1927-1939

A National Cinematography from the regions: Colombian cinema through the eyes of film criticism

The Film Company of Ireland’s Distribution and Exhibition Strategies, 1916-21

The reception of «New German Cinema» in France during the sixties and the seventies: a market study

Pictures for the Common Good: Clydebank’s Municipal Cinema, 1918-1932

Building the Caribbean market: Cinema Entrepreneurs in the British West Indies, 1912-1940

The Persistence of Cinema in Rural Sweden: a location analysis

‘Two hours of enjoyable distraction’: Revising our knowledge of the Nazi era film

‘The Industry’s Own Scotland Yard’: Strategic Responses to Exhibition Contract

Tactics for monopoly distribution and exhibition in Africa: Twentieth-Century Fox’s stake in South Africa in the 1950s

A Craving for Chocolate, Cigarettes, and Cinema Stars: Food and Tobacco Companies’ Targeting of Film Fans

The social life of film: global circulation strategies of emerging film cultures in Central America

Branding Movie-going: Famous Players’ Canadian Adaptation of Dish Night and Foto Night

Of picture palaces and meat factories. Memories of cinemagoing in Antwerp

Marketing Strategies and Tactics in Film Distribution and Exhibition in the Multiethnic City of Warsaw in the 1920s and 1930s.

Algorithm vs. Curation: VOD Recommendation Systems’ Challenge to Film Criticism

Mapping imagined geographies. Following the traces of undisciplined micro-histories

Contemporary Americanized spectatorship in Latin America: a comparative perspective using box office data

Bravura Beginnings: Paul Leni and the Art of the Prologue

Audience Formation: Film Festivals and the Expansion of the Cinematic Field in Chile

Reconstructing the ‘Fake Film’ Genre through Contemporary Marketing and Reception Materials

Fringe festivals and DIY film exhibition in Scotland

Programme, Film Culture and Early Film-Going in Istanbul

Historical Film Distribution, Missing Pieces of the Puzzle, and Oral History

Film Exhibition in fin-de-siècle Istanbul

Cross-Cultural Adaptation in the Early Talkies: The Reception of Tell England (1931) in Turkey

I prayed a barbarian mass: cinemas and cathedrals in Bahia

Towards a systematic comparative approach to historical cinema city cultures: The case of film programming in Antwerp and Ghent, 1952

350 Couriers, 250 Tonights: Job Printers’ Souvenir Handbills for US Cinema Exhibitors

A critical analysis of the Irish Cinemobile - 2000 to 2016

'Tune in; Join us; Live': Positioning the movie trailer

Genre and Audiences’ Engagement: Analysing memories of 1950s Italian cinema-goers

Cinema exhibition as incitement to discourse: meetings, speeches and clubs of early Tamil cinema

Alternative Exhibition Strategies of Film Festivals in Turkey

The Harry Potter films and the representation of British culture

The Great Fire of Bridge Place (1899), in ‘Natural Colours’: Social and Political Engagement through Early Film in Aberdeen, Scotland 1899

Alternative circuits for film distribution in Colombia

Movie-going practices at the University of São Paulo's repertory cinema

Connections between cinema-going memory and cinema-activism: examining identity strategies of Brazilian audiences

Reconstructing film industrial history through personal memories and artifacts

Film Programming during World War II: A Comparative Case Study into Cinema Exhibition in German-occupied Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium)

Curated Circulation: Exploring the Consecutive Dissemination of Feature Films by Festivals, Distributors and Cinemas

Programming in different cinemas and locations in Sweden in 1956-58 and 1966

Performing Off Screen and On: Lu Yan and Shanghai’s ‘Miss Earphones’

Amsterdam Cinema Audiences: A Geospatial Analysis of Film Exhibition and Consumption in Early 20th-Century Amsterdam

The popularity of German films in the Netherlands after World War II: A DH-approach to data collection and analysis

Identity, Enqueued: Home Video Consumption and the Geography of Taste

The Moving Image in the Museum: Institutional Dynamics and Uneven Regional Development in 1970s Museum Film Exhibitions

Intertext, Performance, Space: Children Who Labor and the National Child Labor Conference, New Orleans, 1914

Border cinema: regional culture as mediation of movie consumption in Laredo, Texas

Comparing European Cinema Audiences

Mobile audiences, travelling sensibilities. Colonial expatriates and cinema in the post-1945 Bahamas

Film programming in transnational perspective: reflecting on the collection, processing and analysis of film programming data for seven European cities (1951-1953)

Towards widescreen cinema in Milano: technological changes of the 50s

The Specialist News-Theatre as a Site of ‘Social and Cultural Exchange’: A Case Study of the Pilgrim Street ‘News Theatre’ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1937-1968

Mapping out contemporary Brazilian films in UK

Boycotts and Belonging: The Politics of Cinema-Going in 1930s Egypt

Swedish Silent Film and the Rise of Art Cinema in Australia and New Zealand

Cinema Entrepreneurs in the British West Indies, 1940-1965

Politics of moviegoing: spectatorship as an act of rebellion

We are going to conquer the world: Researching Palladium’s Pan-European Business Model

The Film Censorship Board in Chile between 1960 and 1973: the making of a Database

Movie-Going in Interwar Prague

New Perspectives on an Imperfect Cinema, or the Mobile Screen Culture 2.0

The Travel-Lecture Film Circuit and Sites of ‘High-Class’ Non-Theatrical Exhibition

Transnational cinema: some reflections on the circulation of Argentine cinema in Spain

Becoming International: American Audiences and the Educational Films of Julien Bryan (1899-1974)

Arts films in the provinces: Leicester Film Society from the 1930s to the 1960s

Micro-mapping perspectives: historical transnationalities on Latin American Cinema

Minimising the risk of disappointment, maximizing contact points or why Bulgarian viewers pirate films

Diasporic Audiences, Cinematic Memories and Historical Film Distribution and Consumption

Searching for the right program: Paramount’s first years as a distributor, 1914-1919

The fall of a drive-in’s ‘Berlin Wall’: the promise of desegregated cinemas in Cape Town

Moving pictures in motion: Applying geographical visualization in comparative research on local film exhibition with a case study of Antwerp, Ghent and Brno in 1952

Methodologies for Cinema History: The Power of the Paratext

Fifty Years of Queen’s Film Theatre: Cinema History and Public Engagement in Northern Ireland

Cinema-going nostalgias: a sharp mode of expression in recent productions of cinema-going memory?

Digital Archive and Exhibition

A Hard Act to Follow: Rethinking Classical Era Exhibition Though Live Performance

Voluntary associations as cinema audiences

Cinema Preferiti: Mapping Italian Language Film Distribution and Exhibition in Canada