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HoMER Podcast Series: Episode 3

In episode 3, Pete Turner has a conversation with Añulika Agina about her work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Nigerian Screen Worlds, a subset of the African Screen Worlds: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies Project. Añulika also discusses her recent work on Cinema-going in Lagos.

HoMER Podcast Series: Episode 2

In episode 2, Pete Turner has a conversation with Brian Hannan about Brian’s new book When Women Ruled Hollywood: The Untold Story of How Actresses Took On the Hollywood Hierarchy – And Won. Pete and Brian also discuss Brian’s other books including Paisley at the Pictures 1950 and its sequel Paisley at the Pictures 1951 and Coming Back to a Theater Near You: A History of Hollywood Reissues, 1914-2014.

HoMER Podcast Series: Episode 1

In episode 1, Pete Turner has conversations with three members of HoMER. Anna Blagrove explains her experiences working with young film programmers through her organisation Reel Connections, Sam Manning tells us about getting back into cinemas after lockdown, and Kate van der Ven discusses the effects that the pandemic has had on screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival.