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HoMER does not have a formal membership and does not charge fees. HoMER simply happens through the mailing list and the meetings. So the main thing to do is to join the mailing list, and then, if you would like to put your project on the map, submit it using the online form.

Anyone who does research concerned with the history of cinemas, cinemagoing, film exhibition (including non-theatrical), film reception, audiences, distribution, experience, and related areas. You can have a look at the digital directory for an idea of what others are doing.

Many of the HoMER participants work at universities or are PhD candidates, but you don’t have to be an academic or have an institutional affiliation to join. As long as you are genuinely interested in these topics and want to contribute to this community of research, you can count yourself as a HoMER member.

Over the past decade, HoMER has been a key space for the discussion of research in this flourishing area of film, media, and cultural studies scholarship. It is now a recognised subject organisation with a presence at international conferences, and it has nurtured several important publishing projects. HoMER is an international network of researchers seeking practical ways to collaborate and to support one another.