Circuits of Cinema, Toronto, 2017

Ryerson University, 22 to 24 June 2017
Pre-Conference 21 June 2017: Mapping Movies “data-sharing” workshop

Link to conference website.

100 presentations by authors of research on movie and other media distribution, from all eras and places. See the abstracts visualised with Prospect.

The HoMER Network AGM will take place on Saturday 24 June, 12:15PM-1:45PM.

The meeting will be streamed live. Please check again for livecast link.

HoMER@NECS 2016, Potsdam

Thirteen HoMER-specific panels, and a workshop, included in the general programme of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies at Potsdam.

Please see the NECS conference page for details. HoMER abstracts can be seen here.

What is Cinema History?

A HoMER Network conference presented by the Early Cinema in Scotland research project

20-24 June 2015, Gilmorehill Centre, University of Glasgow.

Please see the Conference page for information.

Report by David Morton: The Volcanic Future of Cinema History

Report by Luke McKernan: What is Cinema History?


Comparative Approaches to Moviegoing, Exhibition and Reception

The HOMER Project Workshop at NECS, 18 June 2014,
Sede Monumentale, Largo A. Gemelli 1, Room G.127 Pio XI.
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan.

The workshop consisted of informal discussions on methods,approaches, possibilities for collaboration, and an overview of the field. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the state of the art of the research done by members of the HoMER project, and to rethink the organisational status of HoMER as a network. The HoMER Workshop is supported by DICIS, an international scientific research network on Digital Cinema Studies promoted by CIMS – Centre for Cinema and Media Studies, Universiteit Gent. In cooperation with the Film Studies Research Unit in the Schoolof Arts, Oxford Brookes University.

Keynotes: Francesco Casetti and Elisa Ravazzoli.

See programme:


There were nine panels programmed by HOMER within the NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies) conference at Milan, 19-21 June 2014.

See full conference programme:

See report in Italian, written by Elena Gipponi and published by Cinergie:


The Glow in their Eyes revisited:
Global perspectives on film cultures, film exhibition and cinema-going
HOMER workshop, June 19, 2013 || Prague, Czech Republic

For this year, HoMER joined forces with the major European film and media studies organization NECS, which integrated a number of HoMER panels into their international conference. There were over sixty participants in the HoMER strand of the conference, with nine panels and several posters. The diversity of topics and approaches was evidence that the field of ‘New Cinema History’ has achieved critical mass and methodological maturity. The time was felt to be right to review the current state of research in the history of movie-going and film exhibition and distribution.

HoMER@NECS 2013 was preceded by a one day HoMER workshop. The workshop did not consist of formal paper presentations, but of informal discussions on methods, approaches, possibilities for collaboration and an overview of the field. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the state of the art of the research done by members of the HoMER project and rethink the organizational status of HoMER as a network.

The workshop took place at the Kino Ponrepo, the cinema of the National Film Archive of the Czech Republic. The day started with opening remarks from Daniel Biltereyst and Philippe Meers, giving an overview of the state of the art. This was followed by two sessions of research discussion, guided by presentations by Annette Kuhn, Jeffrey Klenotic, John Sedgwick, and Robert C. Allen. Richard Maltby summarised the issues addressed during the day in his keynote contribution. Other matters of organisation, networking and visibility were then discussed.

The Homer meeting_program

HOMER@NECS final panels

Report by Maria A. Velez-Serna

The Glow in their Eyes: Global perspectives on film cultures, film exhibition and cinemagoing
International Conference, Ghent, 14-16 December 2007

Cinema in Context conference
Amsterdam, 20-21 April 2006

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