Welcome to the new online home of the HoMER Network.

Please bear with us as we migrate the old HOMER website to the new DHPress.org platform.

What is HoMER?

HoMER stands for History of Moviegoing, Exhibition and Reception. It is an international network of researchers interested in understanding the complex phenomena of cinema-going, exhibition, and reception, from a multidisciplinary perspective. HoMER has organized panels, conferences and workshops since 2004.

What is Digital HoMER?

This website uses the DH Press platform developed at the University of North Carolina, in order to provide a directory to HoMER-related projects around the world. It attempts to map and categorize these projects to foster a collaborative outlook and awareness of relevant work, with particular attention to projects that incorporate digital methods or elements.

What projects are represented?

The list and map are constantly growing, but they are fed by direct submissions which are then approved and formatted by an editor.

How do I get involved?

If your project seems to fit the HoMER remit, please go to the online form. Your submission will be sent to one of the website editors, who will format it and georeference it before it is included on the map. At the moment this is still a manual process, so it can take a couple of days.

At the last HoMER meeting in Milan, it was also decided to try to compile a directory of existing datasets available for comparative research. If you want to contribute details of your datasets, please use this form.

Announcements for forthcoming events and calls for papers will be posted under Meetings.