Moscow Film Programming, 1946-1955

Our project is devoted to the patterns of film exhibitions in Moscow cinema theatres between 1946 and 1955. Counting screening days, we consider the film programming in Moscow cinema theatres after the Second World War. The film programming data originates in film listings, which were published in the daily press Evening Moscow (Vecherniaia Moskva). We […]

Palpitating Subjects and Disempowered Cinema: South America in Reception

My project looks at live audience engagement events as a petri dish traversed by various vectors pertinent to the receptive filmic environment in the art-house and festival circuit. I use the theory of desire as a methodology from which to explore how South American films circulate as production from the periphery.  Through the question of […]

Malaysian Moviegoing

This research programme addresses a neglected aspect of Malaysian social history: the way in which Malaysians experienced cinemagoing in Kuala Lumpur during the 1970s. The main objective of the project is to investigate the memories of cinemagoing in the period through detailed, one-hour-long interviews with individuals who experienced it first-hand growing up. My critical approach […]

Havana Cinema Culture

This research project describes and analyzes the evolution of film exhibition and distribution in Cuba throughout the twentieth century, identifying the factors driving the diversification of film audiences during specific periods of transition.

Film Reissues

Film Reissues are an important but largely unexplored part of the studio-exhibition-reception mix.  At various times reissues could account for 10%-plus of the U.S. box office and recent years have seen the annual recurring phenomenon of It’s A Wonderful Life and Casablanca.

Early cinema in Poland

The subject of the project is early cinema exhibition and other forms of popular entertainment in big cities and small town environment of Polish provinces of the Russian Empire before WWI in the context of modernity and modernization. In this way I would like to contribute to two academic debates: 1) on the history of […]

Illustrated Lantern Lectures in British Poor Relief

When in 1896 viewers flocked to the cinematograph shows to marvel at the ‘latest wonder’: the ‘living photographs’, they sat down facing a white wall looking forward, without any doubt, to watch pictures made from light which soon would emerge on that wall. In 1896, the cinematograph was a novelty, but pictures projected on a […]

Seaside Cinema Culture in Britain

The project aims to analyse the specificities, experience and significance of cinemagoing in seaside towns in East Anglia from the 1940s to 1970s. The initial stages of research will focus on the programming and discursive construction of specific cinemas (and other sites that showed films including the circus) in Great Yarmouth; this will be conducted […]