Dutch Films with a Dutch Heart

The popularity of Dutch films at the time the first Dutch sound feature films were produced 1934- 1936, in particular three so called Jordaan films. These were melodramatic films with a comic touch and larded with many songs, set in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Amsterdam (the Jordaan) and based on popular theatre plays […]

Early Cinema-going in Colonial Indonesia

The research focuses on the exhibition, production and consumption of moving pictures in the Dutch colonies of the Netherlands Indies (present-day Indonesia). It examines the development of the local cinema-going scene within the multicultural popular entertainment culture, which consisted of local and imported forms of public amusements, studying the adaptation and hybridisation processes that moving […]

Reception of 1920s US cinema

My Ph.D. dissertation (defended 2011) looked at how 1920s US cinema reception discourses organized audiencing processes as a blurring of perceptual frontiers, and notably as regards to the expectation of « realism ». I am now engaged in refining my understanding of 1920s US film reception by focusing on its intermedial dimension.