Irish Cinema Histories

Irish Cinema Histories is a collaborative digital research project led by Sarah Culhane (University College Dublin) and Denis Condon (Maynooth University). It draws on archival materials and oral history sources to explore some of the people, places and events that make up Ireland’s rich tapestry of local film culture during the first half of the […]

Enter the Dreamhouse

My research focuses on the role of cinemas in British twentieth-century society. In particular, I am researching how cinemas operated as sites of public emotion and how their spatial characteristics contributed to a permissive and distinct emotional economy far-removed from the cliché of the British stiff-upper-lip. The research explores how and why cinemas became emblematic […] is a film archive and database which uses a wiki structure to enable a continuous growth of updated material that include texts and images on Turkish cinema. The basic structure of the database is buillt on Turkish Flm Guide (Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, SESAM: 2008) and IMDb data. Currently the archive includes […]

Mapping Movies

Mapping Movies is a digital discovery environment in which users explore changing landscapes of social and spatial history by investigating the grounded locations and movements of moving pictures. The site promotes spatial thinking and historical inquiry about the relations between media access, public infrastructure, social geography, cultural networks, economic development, community building and collective memory.

How Elder People Remember Cinemagoing

In my dissertation, I try to explore and categorise the forms of how cinemagoing in the 1930s and 1940s is remembered by local eyewitnesses in the Saar region. This less urbanized region close to the border of France has been chosen as an important research field because of political issues, especially the election of 1935. […]

Seaside Cinema Culture in Britain

The project aims to analyse the specificities, experience and significance of cinemagoing in seaside towns in East Anglia from the 1940s to 1970s. The initial stages of research will focus on the programming and discursive construction of specific cinemas (and other sites that showed films including the circus) in Great Yarmouth; this will be conducted […]

Film censorship in Shanghai

This research mainly studies the establishment, implementation and changes of film censorship in the foreign settlements in Shanghai under series of important historical changes, along with the influence of the film censorship on the Chinese film and the Chinese culture. This research focuses on three parts concerning the film censorship: the authorities, the film industry […]