Turkishcine.ma is a film archive and database which uses a wiki structure to enable a continuous growth of updated material that include texts and images on Turkish cinema. The basic structure of the database is buillt on Turkish Flm Guide (Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, SESAM: 2008) and IMDb data. Currently the archive includes 500 films  and documentaries, as well as texts on film studies.
Turksihcine.ma is part of a larger database project which includes Pad.ma and Indiancine.ma. Established in 2007, Pad.ma is an online public access digital media archive, which uses video as the primary source material. Pad.ma’s features include the ability to do time-based transcribing and annotations, and essentially allows deep and new kinds of access to video material online. Turkishcine.ma which share the same software structure with these two databases hosts: 1) films which are annotatable; 2) texts and documents with embedded videos and images; 3) encyclopedic data and deep metadata about films; 4) interviews, and other documentary images

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