Irish Cinema Histories

Irish Cinema Histories is a collaborative digital research project led by Sarah Culhane (University College Dublin) and Denis Condon (Maynooth University). It draws on archival materials and oral history sources to explore some of the people, places and events that make up Ireland’s rich tapestry of local film culture during the first half of the […]

DIGIFIL: Digital Film Listings

DIGIFIL aims to digitise and publish the Dutch “Filmladders” (the weekly listings of movie showtimes at local cinema theatres or other venues). The screenings constitute the focal point of film culture: they are the place where distributors, exhibitors and audiences meet. Collecting information about these encounters yields an invaluable resource for linguists, socio-economic historians and […]

Enter the Dreamhouse

My research focuses on the role of cinemas in British twentieth-century society. In particular, I am researching how cinemas operated as sites of public emotion and how their spatial characteristics contributed to a permissive and distinct emotional economy far-removed from the cliché of the British stiff-upper-lip. The research explores how and why cinemas became emblematic […] is a film archive and database which uses a wiki structure to enable a continuous growth of updated material that include texts and images on Turkish cinema. The basic structure of the database is buillt on Turkish Flm Guide (Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, SESAM: 2008) and IMDb data. Currently the archive includes […]

Early cinema in Poland

The subject of the project is early cinema exhibition and other forms of popular entertainment in big cities and small town environment of Polish provinces of the Russian Empire before WWI in the context of modernity and modernization. In this way I would like to contribute to two academic debates: 1) on the history of […]

Early cinema in Scotland

The project investigates the distinctive development of distribution and exhibition from travelling shows to large fixed-site cinemas in urban, rural and small-town Scotland, as well as the production of local topicals and the factors which seem to have inhibited the development of a sustainable feature film production capacity.

The Evergreens of Film History

Discussing the role of old films in film distribution and exhibition before 1940. A special case are the films which remained in circulation for many years: the evergreens which would never get a mention in a top ten of popular films or in a canon of historical merit, focusing on the track record of films, […]

Illustrated Lantern Lectures in British Poor Relief

When in 1896 viewers flocked to the cinematograph shows to marvel at the ‘latest wonder’: the ‘living photographs’, they sat down facing a white wall looking forward, without any doubt, to watch pictures made from light which soon would emerge on that wall. In 1896, the cinematograph was a novelty, but pictures projected on a […]