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Digitizing Ephemera and Building Interactive Timelines: A Hands-on Workshop 


Over the past year of the pandemic, the importance of digitizing historical sources and sharing information online has become more important than ever. Yet it’s easy to feel intimidated by technological requirements—or to feel confused about how to get started. This workshop will take HoMER members through the process of scanning paper documents, entering descriptive metadata, and building interactive timelines using TimelineJS. No prior computer skills are required. But please try to come with an idea for a timeline, a smart phone or digital camera, and a document from film history you would like to scan.

The workshop will be led by Eric Hoyt, who is the Kahl Family Professor of Media Production at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Director of the Media History Digital Library. Support for the workshop was provided by the ACLS Digital Extension Grant, “Globalizing and Enhancing the Media History Digital Library.”