Whole Buildings for That is an ongoing, collaborative project documenting narrative moviegoing experiences. It gathers together original essays and stories by a broad array of contributors, who each add to the thesis of cinema as an embodied experience in which the film itself is only one part. Addressing large-screen cinema experiences only, WBFT constructs a body of highly nuanced portraits that consider the contemporary and changing relationships between human bodies, image and size, memory, media, and built environments.

All contributors welcome. Contributors are given the open prompt to recall one particular moviegoing from their lives, focusing as best as possible on the context and circumstances of the event, as opposed to the content of the film. Submissions must revolve around a large-screen projection; a traditional cinema is not a requirement, but screenings on personal devices such as laptops, telephones, etc. will not be considered. Please send inquiries and submissions to jones.rachelelizabeth (at) gmail.com

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