The project is a follow-up to my previous research on the Czechoslovak cinema culture in the period 1945-1970, extending the research design to a comparison with two neighbouring socialist countries: GDR and Poland. The subject of the research deals with production (co-productions), distribution, local exhibition, and reception. A substantial part of the project focuses on co- productions as an example of an attempt to build up a transnational cinema network inside the Soviet bloc, as well as a case study on transfer of production practices.
Another section is devoted to the comparison of the national distribution systems and to the way the respective distribution had been influenced by the Soviets. The third part deals with a comparison of exhibition practices in the three cities of Brno, Leipzig and Poznań. Because of its methodological specificity and strenuousness, the history of reception is limited to:
1. the reception in Brno throughout the period,
2. a case study of the post-war film reception in Leipzig,
3. a comparison of the charts of the biggest hits in the three countries.

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