Early cinema in Scotland

The project investigates the distinctive development of distribution and exhibition from travelling shows to large fixed-site cinemas in urban, rural and small-town Scotland, as well as the production of local topicals and the factors which seem to have inhibited the development of a sustainable feature film production capacity.

Cinematic Brno

Cinematic Brno research project focuses on a local film culture in the second largest city of the Czech Republic, Brno, in the period of 1918-1945. At the core of the project stands the institution of movie theatre as a point of intersection of films and its audiences, but also as a city cultural institution. Brno […]


The project was a Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange partnership between Charlotte Crofts (University of the West of England, Bristol), Jo Reid (Calvium / AppFurnace) and Peter Insole (Bristol City Council / Know Your Place) to develop a platform called City Strata which we prototyped through the Cinemapping Layer. The subject of the research was to […]

The Evergreens of Film History

Discussing the role of old films in film distribution and exhibition before 1940. A special case are the films which remained in circulation for many years: the evergreens which would never get a mention in a top ten of popular films or in a canon of historical merit, focusing on the track record of films, […]

Seaside Cinema Culture in Britain

The project aims to analyse the specificities, experience and significance of cinemagoing in seaside towns in East Anglia from the 1940s to 1970s. The initial stages of research will focus on the programming and discursive construction of specific cinemas (and other sites that showed films including the circus) in Great Yarmouth; this will be conducted […]

Cinema Mass Consumption and the Commercialization of Youth Culture

The proposed research program aims to generate a better understanding of the role that cinema has played in the commodification of culture and the emergence of consumption-based lifestyles in relation to the emergence of post-war consumer society and against the backdrop of increased social and geographic mobility. It takes the Netherlands as a case study […]

Lost Audiences in Italy

This project addresses the gap in knowledge about the Italian cinema-going public of the 1940s and 1950s, for whom cinema was by far the most popular pastime.

Cinema Located

The main goal of the empirical research “Cinema Located. Place, space and experience of cinema in Ghent (1982-2012)” is to understand the social experience of screen culture from the emergence of the multiplex in Ghent in 1982 to the absorption of film in digital culture in the present day. From a theoretical point of view, […]

Movie-going distribution and exhibition in German-occupied Belgium

I am investigating (1) the German ‘reorganisation’ of the Belgian film sector in World War II, (2) its effects on film distribution, film exhibition, movie-going, film reception, film production… I have been working/publishing on this subject since 2003, initially as a post-doctoral researcher and now (as associate professor) as a long-term project. I am, simultaneously, […]