Curzon Memories app

The Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon, North Somerset, UK – originally opened in 1912 as The Picture House. The app provides a geo-located tour of the inside and outside of the building using QR codes and GPS. The project celebrates 100-years of cinema-going in Cleveon, including oral history, dramatisation and rephotography of archive images.

Cinema Located

The main goal of the empirical research “Cinema Located. Place, space and experience of cinema in Ghent (1982-2012)” is to understand the social experience of screen culture from the emergence of the multiplex in Ghent in 1982 to the absorption of film in digital culture in the present day. From a theoretical point of view, […]


Ghent has had a very diverse film exhibition scene. This project aims to take three extreme varied forms of film programming in an effort to understand the lived film programming culture. The Capitole is a monument in Ghent cinema history; it was the most prestigious film palace in town, programming a wide variety of films […]

Barcelona’s Cinema History

The study is concerned with the social history of an important cultural institution in the formation and appropriation of culture and national identity as it is a culturally Spanish film industry.

Montreal Film Exhibitors

My research investigates the relationship between the local agents involved in film exhibition and the vertically integrated transnational networks that allegedly monopolized the Canadian film market starting in the late silent era. I seek to, firstly, establish the site of the ownership and control of the main theatre chains operating in Canada (and more particularly […]